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Prodjin Follicle Stimulator is a hair thickening formula that nourishes the hair and scalp with a hair growth accelerator. Using the proprietary VA complex with a patented formula, plant based DHT blockers, and enzyme complexes, this potent serum helps strengthen weakened follicles while enriching the scalp with nutrients for healthy hair growth.


3.38 FL OZ

Prodjin Follicle Stimulator

  • Directions

    Spray Follicle Stimulating Serum a few times onto affected areas, once or twice daily.



    VA complex: Contains a patented formula along with a blend of plant extracts and peptides that increase hair growth during the anagen growth phase, thicken hair and strengthen hair follicles.

    Coenzyme Q10: Rejuvenates aging hair follicles by increasing cells’ energy production and boosting the production of hair keratins

    Castor Oil: Increases blood circulation on scalp and nourishes scalp with nutrient-rich fatty acids.

    Apply Polyphenols: Stimulates the first stage of the anagen (growth) phase

    Copper and Thymus Peptides: Unclogs pores, reduces scalp inflammation and thickens hair

    Ginger Extract: Conditions hair, prevents dandruff and increases blood circulation and nutrients to hair follicles

    Green Tea: Blocks DHT (hair loss hormone), stimulates hair cells and strengthens hair follicles. Also, conditions and cleanses scalp.

    Brown and Red Algae Leaf Extract: Moisturizes hair and contains many vitamins, fatty acids and minerals necessary for hair growth

    Kukui Extract: Protects against environmental damage, imparts shine, and restores moisture

    Acai Extract: Strengthens hair from the roots and controls hair fall. Provides vital fatty acids, proteins and vitamins.

    Aloe Vera Extract: Conditions hair and soothes scalp. Reduces dandruff and oil production.

    Chamomile Flower Oil: Anti-inflammatory agent soothes scalp and protects against further damage. Gives shine and nourishes the hair.

    Inositol: Increases the lifespan of cells in the hair follicles

    Hydrolyzed Quinoa Protein: Strengthens, conditions, repairs and thickens hair shaft. Protects hair against environmental stresses.



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