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Biostetics innovative skincare.

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Biostetics innovative skincare.

Our BioStetics™ Labs have been developed towards the pursuit of natural and non-invasive replacement therapies of naturally occurring molecular proteins in the body such as collagen and elastin. 

The human body stops making certain proteins within the body at a young age.  Elastin, for example, stops being produced naturally within the body after 12 years of age.  Much of our research and development is derived from the Department of Defense's agency, DARPA, who is responsible for much of the cutting-edge technology that eventually finds its way into various products made available within the consumer market. 

In 2006, the agency financed a competition of researchers focused on the extremity injuries of soldiers wounded in battle.  Our microbiologist, Dr. Burt Ensley, was one of the researchers who was a part of DARPA tissue regeneration competition.  It was there where he developed a deeper knowledge and understanding about the innerworkings of the human body as it relates to tissue healing and regeneration.  Elastatropin
®, the precursor to human elastin, was one of his groundbreaking discoveries that derived from his research.

Since this time, through collaborative research and refinement, deeper knowledge and understanding of human systems has led to the development of several other molecular discoveries that make up the key ingredients used in several of our products. 

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